The Journey Begins

Where “Raising Us” came from. When I was thinking about a name for this blog, like I had thought of many before (this is not my first rodeo), I really wanted something that covered everything that I wanted to speak about, I didn’t want this to just be a blog about being a mum, because I’m not just a mum I’m so much more and I want people to remember that. I used to write a lot when I was younger, it was about expressing myself and delving into alternate realities and exploring feelings. When I stopped writing I became so full of EVERYTHING, I still am. So, I wanted to give this a real go, because I need this. I need this to help me work through my feelings. I also need this to be my safe place when I’m feeling trapped. I feel like I have so many journeys going on at once, so I think I just want somewhere to catalogue them. My biggest fear about this, is that people I know will read it. I want to find out why I’m so scared for them to read it. Maybe because it would reveal things that I’ve tried so hard to mask.


What I’m really realizing since I’ve stopped writing is, I don’t know who I really am and what I’m capable of. I’ve been lost in world of motherhood and fake strength that I just don’t know who I am. I want to become more of a person and less of a facade.


So, this is it, “Raising Us” is about me, my family, my lifestyle and my mental state.


It’s my safe space, and thank you for wanting to be apart of it.

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