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MOTIVATION! Let’s talk motivation. What motivates us to do things? To be who we are? Who motivates us? Do we motivate ourselves? To say I’ve struggled with motivation would be an understatement. Being unmotivated is probably the thing I’m best at. It's a super self-sabotaging quality that I have. There’s a beauty to how great... Continue Reading →


Over the past year or two I’ve been dealing with anxiety, I would say it was triggered by my pregnancy. Something quite different to what I’m used to feeling. I’ve battled with depression for a long time, I’m used to that deep, hollow feeling. I’m used to feeling so numb and just down that I... Continue Reading →


So we all know that when you first find out that you're pregnant, the first thing you say goodbye to is, sleep! I know this all too well, I waved sleep off like a 1940's woman with a sailor as a husband did. With the same doubt, and longing. Would it ever come back? Would... Continue Reading →

Why Now?

I have the time! Finally after having no time for over 18 months, I have the time! I also have the motivation... somewhat. I also have a little bit of confidence. Not so much in my writing, just in my willingness to share. It's been a long time since I've had to actually articulate anything.... Continue Reading →

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