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Over the past year or two I’ve been dealing with anxiety, I would say it was triggered by my pregnancy. Something quite different to what I’m used to feeling. I’ve battled with depression for a long time, I’m used to that deep, hollow feeling. I’m used to feeling so numb and just down that I... Continue Reading →


So we all know that when you first find out that you're pregnant, the first thing you say goodbye to is, sleep! I know this all too well, I waved sleep off like a 1940's woman with a sailor as a husband did. With the same doubt, and longing. Would it ever come back? Would... Continue Reading →

Why Now?

I have the time! Finally after having no time for over 18 months, I have the time! I also have the motivation... somewhat. I also have a little bit of confidence. Not so much in my writing, just in my willingness to share. It's been a long time since I've had to actually articulate anything.... Continue Reading →

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